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Braun Body Groomer (BG5010)

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Original price Rs.14,000
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Fully equipped.

The Braun Braun body groomer is the perfect tool to groom your body. It is 100% waterproof so you can easily use it under the shower.

3 trimming combs

Trim your body hair to precise lengths of 0.6mm, 3mm and 8mm. For 3 different looks when you don’t want to clean shave. The sensitive comb improves safety when trimming delicate areas like armpit or groin.

Extra small trimming teeth

for safe trimming in sensitive areas.

5 integrated Gillette Fusion blades

for the smoothest clean shave without nicks and cuts.

Trim, shave or both in one go.

Trimmer only

Trim your body hair to three lengths with the powered body trimmer (0.6mm, 3mm & 8mm).

Shaver only

The smoothest clean shave with 5 integrated Gillette Fusion blades.

Trimmer & Shaver

Combine the 2 – trim and shave in one go for more efficient body grooming.

Designed especially for body grooming.

For a perfectly groomed body you need a tool that is designed for perfect handling. The Braun body groomer is designed with a soft power grip, hard rips for better control and a grip cavity for your thumb.


100% waterproof for in-shower-use and easy cleaning.

100% safe to use in wet conditions. Added comfort and convenience. Easily cleaned under running water.


Powerful batteries for long lasting performance.

The Braun body groomer has a powerful dual battery system with 2 rechargeable NI-MH batteries. They are fully charged in 14 hours for up to 50 min of cordless performance.

Trim and shave all areas.

Boost your looks with a perfectly groomed body. Easily switch between three modes for precisely the results you want.


On your chest

On your back

Down there

Some more very practical features.