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Panasonic Juicer Blender (MX-KM3070)

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• Durable stainless steel sawtooth blade
• 600W Powerful motor
• Max.Locked Motor Approx,Wattage
• Two Dry Mills


Have a Variety of Flavours Everyday and Be Healthy

Enrich your cooking repertoire with just one blender. From fine meals to healthy refreshments, the MX-KM3070 is an ally that will make your table healthier and more colourful.

Ice Crushing With Ease

The unique blades are designed to prepare the variety of ingredients efficiently, via combination of powerful crushing and fine cutting.

Power Circulation by V&M Technology

Using the combination of the four ribs on the jug and the optimally shaped blades, foods are blended convectively in V&M direction, allowing hard and small foods to be cut evenly.

Two Dry Mills

It comes with two dry mill attachment. You can separate mil for coffee and mill for pepper or dry chili.

  • Blends with optimal speed according to menu
  • Normal: Operates at a constant speed for a smooth finish
  • Pulse:Operates while button is pressed for adjusting finish

Max. Motor Locked Wattage

Approx. 600 W                          


2.0 L (Working Capacity 1.5 L)






Two Dry Mills

Power Supply

220-240 V / 50-60 W

Power Consumption

430-490 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

188 x 210 x 405 mm